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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

My Top 3 Styling Products for Curly Hair

For as long as I can remember, finding miracle products that would leave my curls soft, bouncy and defined was all I ever wanted. After years of getting to know my curls I now know that there's a lot more that contributes to a good wash day, but all that product testing has helped me narrow down exactly that I like and don't like, and hopefully it works for you too!

Primark - Curl Defining Cream

I've always been surprised by Primark's beauty and makeup range (their makeup wipes are my fave), but when I heard they were launching a curly hair range I was a little skeptical - I thought it was just another brand jumping on the curly hair bandwagon, but boy was I wrong. The consistency is runnier than the creams I usually use, but when you rub it between your hands it thickens up a little. I apply all my styling products using a Denman Brush, and I found that this product is great at creating those squidgy curls that always turn out super defined, so it could definitely used by itself if you don't like gels. For around £2 it works just as well, in fact, even better than some of my more expensive products. But, if you're following the Curly Girl Method, this may not be for you as it does contain sulfates and silicone.

Cantu - Curl Activator Cream

A thick, yet lightweight cream, Cantu Curl Activator is definitely one styling product that I reach for most wash days. The bottle is huge too, so that £7.99 really does go a long way. This cream is thick enough to clump curls together without it feel weighed down and when paired with a gel, my curls are always so so soft once the cast is removed with a little oil. My hair is actually not as thick as it looks, but this products works perfectly as long as I don't go overboard. It also work well on my sister's hair which is fluffier than mine, so it seems like a multi-functional cream that could be perfect for a lot of different curly hair types.
Cantu Shea Butter Moisturising Curl Activator Cream 355ml

Twisted Sista, Clear + Nourish - Hydration Curl Gel

Most gels that I've used for styling purposes either dry out my curls or don't have the right kind of hold, but this gel is all out moisture. It's thicker than most gels but doesn't feel sticky at all, almost like a jelly. The thing I like about this gel is it doesn't feel like a heavy load on your hair, it's simple, hydrating and leaves my curls looking shiny and something I used nearly every time in my curly hair routine.


Let me know your experience with any of these products below


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