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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Bleaching Your Curls: 4 Things You Should Know

Throughout my teenage years, I experimented with a fair few box dyes, moving on to ombre and finally starting my blonde journey in 2017. To be fair, I did a pretty good job with what I had, but lightening my hair was a step I contemplated for years. Going blonde was a pretty long process, and I loved it while it lasted - for anyone that's thinking about it, what are you waiting for? But there are a few very important things I learnt along the way. So if you're looking to go from a mysterious brunette to a blonde bombshell, this blog will tell you all you need to know.

Olaplex is your best friend

The most important thing I learnt when bleaching my hair is choose your hairdresser carefully. I started out getting highlights (top left,right and bottom left) which didn't turn out how I expected, and instead, my hair turned a coppery shade that wasn't even all over. I'm not sure on the method used, but my hair was very dry - in the shower it would knot so easily and the ends wouldn't curl properly. I had this type of bleaching done about 3-4 times before going to my auntie's salon for some help, and this is where it all changed. Her bleaching technique used Olaplex, which is how I achieved my final colour (bottom right) which was such a nice blend of warm caramel tones and light blonde.

I can't explain to you how much of a difference this product made to my hair, it went from the bottom left pic to bottom right in one session! And my curls were so so soft, I didn't realise bleaching could be done in a way that actually protects your hair - mindblown. If you're going to bleach your hair I can't stress the importance of Olaplex enough, the brand is so good and i also invested in the Olaplex 3 treatment to keep my curls healthy at home.

Your hair needs extra moisture

Bleaching your hair is also stripping your hair, so it goes without saying that your curls may not be as moisturised as they usually are. The key to keeping your curls moisturised is to make sure you add deep conditioners and hair masks to your curly hair routine. As mentioned, I found one of the best curly hair products is Olaplex 3. As I went through the process of going blonde my washday would often consist of washing my curls, applying a hair masks and when this is washed out, then applying another treatment such as Olaplex. It seems like a lot but you need to be dedicated to your hair.

It's also a good idea to give your hair a little rest. Wearing your hair out leaves it exposed to all elements, and all curly girls know how the wind, rain and humidity to make a good washday instantly fail. This can also dry out your hair, so to overcome this give you and your hair a break by keeping it tied up in protective styles perhaps once a week, or style it like this straight after you wash it.

Don't rush the process

When you've finally taken the jump to go blonde, it can be hard not to rush the process, especially when you can see how well your colour is coming along. DON'T DO THIS. Bleaching your hair needs to be done in stages, to limit damage and give your hair a chance to recover - this is why Olapex is so good, as for me even in the first session my hair was soo much lighter than it was before, so it didn't feel the need to rush. Start by getting a half head of highlights so you can make sure you like the change before you take the next step, and listen to your hairdresser when they advise you about taking it slow. 

One thing you should also be aware of is although you can definitely make bleaching your hair a lot less damaging by using some of these tips, you can't control every aspect of the process. By this, i mean that even though I took good care of my hair, I did have visible damage around the front of my curls. My curl pattern became looser after my first Olapex session (admittedly Olaplex 3 and other treatments brought most of my curls back) but areas of my hair did become more delicate.

It's expensive

Going from naturally dark hair to blonde locks does not come cheap. I was lucky enough to have a 50% discount off my highlights (as it was my auntie doing it) but even so, over a year it was still pricey. I'm not complaining, I knew how much commitment was needed to maintaining the colour, and at first I would get my roots done every 6 weeks but I gradually ended up leaving my roots for around 12 weeks as a time. This being said, don't try and save money by going to a salon that is offering highlights super cheap - you'll probably get what you pay for! It's also all the other products that come with having lighter hair such as special blonde shampoo and treatments. 

Going blonde was so fun and I'm so glad I did it. Especially in summer, light hair can compliment so many different skin tones and with a great stylist you can create the perfect blend of tones that suits you.

What do you love about colouring your hair?



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