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Friday, 11 October 2019

Why Are Hair Masks So Important for Naturally Curly Hair?

There was a time, when applying a hair mask meant me putting it on in the shower and washing it about 2 minutes later. I don't now what I was trying to achieve but whatever it was it certainly wasn't working! Since learning more about my hair, and joining the natural hair community, i've learnt just how beneficial hair masks can be and why I need them as part of my curly hair routine, so here's what i've discovered so far.


The biggest benefit of using hair masks is the added moisture it brings to your curls. There are so many different masks out there and each can help target your specific needs like dry scalp, shine, breakage or coloured hair. When I started using masks properly, my curls become a lot less dry, and it made a big difference to the overall results of my washday - because my hair was more mositured, I found this made applying products a lot easier as my curls could actually retain them. 


One of the main things I love about hair masks, is the fact you can easily create you own or add ingredients that suit you. There are so many mask recipes that use egg, banana etc, but what I like to do is use a pre-made mask as my base, and add in oil and honey - these naturally make your hair silky, soft and smooth.


Hair treatments have been a key product in helping to revive my curls. Although I didn't use hair masks during my phase of heat damage since I didn't know much about them, when colouring my hair they became a staple product in my curly hair routine. In my previous blog post about bleaching my curls (LINK), I mentioned that I did experience some loss of curl pattern particularly around the front. Hair treatments such as Olapex and protein-based products such as the Aphogee, honestly revived my curls so so much! If this is something you're experiencing too, I definitely recommend incorporating hair masks and treatments when caring for your natural curls or afro hair.

In my routine I try to use a hair mask every time I wash my hair, and a deep treatment at least once a month. Deffo give masks a try if you're looking to improve the condition of your curls.



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