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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Curly Girl Christmas Gift Ideas

Choosing Christmas gifts is probably one of the most stressful things we do each year, and no matter how prepared I am I always end up buying at least one gift last minute. If you've got a curly girl in your life and you're a little stuck for ideas, why not create a 'curly package' for them to enjoy? - I did this last year for my sister's birthday and she loved it. So, whether you'd like a few stocking fillers or the whole shabang I've got the perfect gift ideas that all curlies will appreciate. Plus. i've tried to include independent curly companies so you can support small businesses too.

wrapped gift box

Pillowcases, Scarves and Bonnets

Protecting your curls at night can be the difference between your curls lasting all week or frizzing up after just one night. I personally like to use a satin headscarf which can be bought from any fashion retailer, just make sure it's big enough! But, I have also tried satin pillow cases (mine is from O So Curly) which are great for those who travel a lot or don't like anything wrapped around their hair. Bonnets are also a great choice such as those from The Happy Hair Co  - and with lots of colours available they won't feel like a granny in these!


white petaled flowers on white surface

When I want to tie my hair up but in a pineapple or another loose style, scrunchies are my go-to. Unlike normal hairbands, they don't leave that horrible dent across your hair and don't tug and pull. I try and use satin scrunchies as they're soft on my curls, such as those sold at Only Curls which are 100% silk. Satin scrunches can also be purchased in Primark and Ebay and you can never have enough!

Hair Products

For those curlies who are new to caring for their curls, it may be a good idea to help them build a collection of basic hair products - more experienced curlies may be particular about what they like so maybe limit the amount you buy if that's the case. I personally love Superdrug as an affordable alternative, they have their own range of curly products and always have deals and discount on branded items. Below is a list of starter kit basics with affordable examples that I love:
Alternatively, if you don't want to risk buying the wrong product, why cover the costs of a curly hair subscription instead? This allows each subscriber to try new hair products and tools each month at an affordable price, helping them discover new things that work for their curls. UK based services include TressureTress (use code Livloves for 10% off your first box), Curlee Box and Curls Allowed.


Brushes are also an important tool in many people's curly hair routine and could be a great stocking filler. I use four main brushes:

  • Wet brush - I like to use a paddle brush as it's the best at detangling
  • Denman Brush - Honestly, the best tool I have for defining my curls and i couldn't live without it!
  • Edge Tamer brush - Me and my mum have always called this the 'flattening down' brush lol, but it's used for slicking down your hair
  • Afro Comb / Pik - An essential tool for adding volume to your hair


black hair brush

I would say that most curlies use a diffuser at some point, or maybe in the winter when air drying isn't an option. Good diffusers are compatible with almost any hair dryer, it's simply an attachment that dries your curls with less frizz and more control. Mine is from The Curly Co, and it's collapsible so perfect for holidays or when you're staying with friends.

Hair Cuts

Curly hair cuts are one of the best investments for curlies, but they don't come cheap. Give them a treat and organise a curly cut and style to give their locks some well deserved TLC. If you're looking for a curly salon in the South West, Nuala Morey in Bristol is amazing, but for those in London I also recommend Beyond Curls and have heard great things about Uncurly Curls.

So now you're sorted! I hope this blog has given you some ideas on what you can gift a curly girl for Christmas - happy shopping!


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