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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Why is it so Important to Have a Curly Cut?

Having a good hair cut applies to all hair types, curly hair included. I've had two professional curly cuts so far, and both opened my eyes to how important it is to find a shape that suits your face, and how it can transform the look of your curls. For a long time I wondered why I couldn't get the volume i desired, when all i really needed was a good cut, honestly, it makes a world of difference.

So, why is it so important to have a curly cut?

My first London curly cut by @beyondcurls (check out her insta)
I didn't know anything about curly cuts until I came across them on Instagram, for years, I'd only get my ends trimmed and that was that. When I saw some of the transformation photos I was blown away and immediately knew my hair needed some TLC. The first thing you should know, is that finding a professional curly hair salon can be hard, depending on where you live of course. I decided to travel to London for my first cut. I did a lot of research and finally booked in with Raquel (aka Beyond Curls), I explained to her that I simply wanted more volume without my hair looking round, some bangs and whatever else she thought would look good.

What makes a curly cut so special, is the technique used. Curly cuts are done on dry hair, ideally when curls are not full of heavy products so your true texture and pattern can be assessed. Each ringlet or section is then cut one by one to create the perfect shape. Having a hair shape that actually complimented me was one of my main concerns. I have uneven layers in my hair (i'd never had layers before so I'm no sure why) but this made one side look a little top heavy. However, creating a new shape balanced out my curls and made everything even.

I now know that the volume of your hair is also down to your hair cut as well as your styling technique. I could use a hair pik all I wanted but if you don't have the right shape or layers, it probably won't last long. 

My most recent cut at Nuala Morey Salon, Bristol

You can see in the picture above just how flat my hair was before, it honestly makes me cringe. I pretty much told Nuala the same thing I told Raquel - more volume please. She trimmed my layers, added more in and stopped my curls looks like they were stuck to my head lol. 

I think having a curly cut is a great thing to do once you have the basics down. Whether it's getting your heat damage under control or establishing a good routine, sort out the main problem before going for a cut. But having said that, if you wanna get ahead of the game, a good hair cut will get rid of all those dead ends and create the perfect base for your hair to thrive. Before having a cut I didn't feel like I was really getting the most of of my curls. With a new shape and added volume, my cut has helped me embrace everything I love about my curls.

Curly cuts can do so much your the condition of your curls as well as your confidence, for me it was shape, volume and being able to embrace.



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