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Friday, 27 December 2019

My Goals For 2020

I can't believe that we're now in 2020, but with a new year this means new goals and new things to focus on. This year was actually a lot more eventful than I planned, not only did I secure my first full-time job doing something I really enjoy, but I moved out of my family home wit my boyfriend much earlier than anticipated.

I love setting new goals, even if you don't achieve absolutely everything on your list, it's definitely something you can keep at the back of your mind for motivation.

So, here are some of my goals for 2020:

green Christmas decor with New Year greetings

Get fit

I've been very on and off with my fitness, I joined my local gym a few years ago with my mum not really knowing what I was doing and ended up wasting my membership. I now follow a lot of fitness bloggers and know a lot more about weight training, in fact, I actually really enjoy it. Next year I really want to stick with it and work out at least 3x a week. I don't necessarily want to lose weight, I just want to tone up and grow a bum!

Read more

I've always loved reading but most evenings I just stay on my phone or watch TV. There are so many books I want to read so my new goal is to finish 10 books next year - that gives me just over a month per book so hopefully I that's achievable. I now have a kindle too so that should eliminate the worry about where i'm going to house all of my new books!

Practice more self care

I think this year I haven't spent as much time on myself as I'd have liked. For one, my makeup game has taken a major backseat, but I know even a little mascara can give me a little boost in the morning sometimes. I also want to put more effort into how I dress, do a face mask every once in a while and just have a little more me time.

Grow my blog

I write for a living but this blog is my own little space for me to discuss the things I love. I really want to grow this blog and reach more people who are also interested in hair, fashion and beauty. I would love to attend one event too, and meet other similar bloggers.

Mini goals:

  • Eat no meat throughout January
  • Take more photos
  • Get outside more
  • Visit more cities in the UK
  • Start running and swimming again

What are your goals for 2020?



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