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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

What I've Learnt About Embracing My Natural Hair

I've always loved my natural hair but I haven't always embraced it. Making the most of my hair's volume and texture seemed so daunting when I was young, and although I yearned to be one of those girls who's wore their hair however they liked with no qualms, it didn't quite work out like that. Despite my mindset having almost done a 360, I've learnt that hair and 'going natural' has a lot more to answer for than just cute hairstyles and perfect wash-days.

No matter what your hair type, texture or race is, your hair is often a big part of your identity. For me, my hair has a strong tie to my ethnicity and race, and while I in no way want to be only defined by this, it simply makes me feel that little bit closer to my background. When I was young my hair created mixed feelings - something I think was a result of going to a predominantly white school. On one hand, having naturally curly hair felt amazing, I was unique and wanted to show off my curls. On the other, the volume and texture of my hair was different to my peers and I was conscious that I didn't have the same glossy, sleek look.

Like most things in life, embracing my natural hair is something that's come with age. Don't get me wrong, there are times when someone will make the odd comment here and there and I'll feel like the whole room is looking at me and my hair, but who feel confident 100% of the time anyway?

Embracing my hair has helped me grow in some many ways. My hair is in much better condition, I have a new found knowledge of naturally curly hair that's forever growing, I feel more confident in the way I look and I'm now part of a community that understands all of these things.

It's never too late to embrace your natural hair, and with the year nearly over why not start 2020 with a new mindset and goals? Swap those negative thoughts about your hair for a mindset that, quite frankly, cares a little less. When you worry less about your hair and what people think of it, you'll worry less about a lot of other things.

Give you and your hair a chance to flourish.


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