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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Review: Only Curls Complete Set

'Only Curls are on a mission to encourage curly haired girls of all textures to ditch the chemicals, forget the straighteners and start loving their natural curls'

Having followed Only Curls for a while on Instagram and seen their products used by so many bloggers, I was so happy when the Sparkle PR team reached out to send me their range to try. They were kind enough to gift me the complete set including the Cleanser, Conditioner, Hydrating Curl Creme and Curl Gel.

 here's what i thought..

First impressions

Apart from the super cute packaging, the first thing I noticed was the list of ingredients. The whole system is free from silicones, sulfates and all the other components that should be avoided if you're following the Curly Girl Method. In replacement is a list of hydrating oils such as Jojoba oil, Avocado Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and more. This is always a good sign for me as I've tried lots of products that have really dried out my curls, which always makes a big difference to the entire wash day! 


After combing through my hair under the shower, I followed the cleanser instructions which directs you to gently massage the shampoo into your curls until it lathers. The shampoo had such a nice lather and smelt amazing too - a little went a long way.

Once the cleanser was rinsed out my curls felt soo soft but still very cleansed. I then detangled my curls again and used two pumps of the conditioner through the entire length of my hair. The styling creme is best used on soaking wet hair so i very lighting dried my hair, brushed it through and used around three pumps for my whole head.

My curls straight out of the shower
I raked the creme through my curls using my fingers. It applied very smoothly and was the perfect consistency for my curl type - not too heavy. Next, i used around two pumps of the gel and smoothed it over my curls using a 'praying hands' motion. I love using gels as they also help to define my curls and give them a little more hold. This gel is quite lightweight, but when used with the gel it really helped to 'glue' my curls together.

To finish, I dried my hair using a diffuser until around 80% dry and air dried the rest.

Fully dried curls

Overall, the thing that stood out the most for me was how soft my hair was! I also loved how much slip the cleanser has, it felt amazing on my scalp and hydrating too. I can't to give it another go and see if if i get the same results.


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