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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

How to Protect Your Curls at Night: Tips For Natural Hair

Are your natural hair cornrows getting messy after just a few days? Do your wash and go’s lose their shape throughout the night? For me, protecting my curls at night has made one of the biggest differences in how my natural hair styles cope after wash day, so if you don’t have a good night time routine I suggest you start one!

Caring for your hair doesn’t end at applying the right products, you also need to look after your hair before you go to sleep. Think about how much you toss and turn when you go to bed, if your hair is not protected those precious curls will drop and you’ll probably find that you have less definition throughout the week - that means you entire washday could go to waste.

What can you do to protect your natural hair styles?

So, you’ve had a successful wash day and now it’s time for bed, just jump straight into bed right? WRONG! Before you can get your beauty sleep there are a few things you can do to look after your hair.

  • Satin/silk hair scarf - this is my preferred method and I’ve been doing it for years. All you need is a large satin or silk scarf that can be folded and have enough space to fit securely around your head. I put my hair in a pineapple using a scrunchie so it sits on the top of my head and wrap the scarf around my hair, tying it at the front and gently tucking it in and bits that are poking out.
  • Satin bonnet - similar to the scarf, the bonnet simple pops over your hair like a hat. For me, I find that this method doesn’t hold my curls as well as the scarf so it can leave them quite flattened but I know many people love using bonnets. 
  • Satin pillowcase - if you travel a lot this option is great! A satin pillowcase simply pops over your pillow to prevent frizz and moisture loss, mine is from O So Curly.

Why are satin and silk good for your hair?

You’ve probably noticed that all of these options include satin and silk materials and there’s a reason for this. These materials are most gentle on your hair as they cause less friction so your natural hair styles stay looking good. If you suffer from dry hair, satin and silk can also help with this as cotton pillowcases draw out the natural oils from your curls resulting in dry ends and frizz.
If I didn't wrap my hair at night my natural hair styles wouldn’t look anything like they usually do. The biggest benefit for me is preventing frizz and maintaining definition. Why not to the effort of doing an entire wash day routine but miss out the last step? Hair and scalp care at night can also help with:

Why should you protect your hair at night?

  • Added protection for natural hair growth
  • Dry hair that needs to retain moisture
  • Prolonging your washday styles
  • Reducing the amount of attention your hair needs when you wake up

Which method do you use to protect your natural hair styles?



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