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Sunday, 14 June 2020

Four Films and Shows About Black Experiences That Everyone Should Watch

If the Black Lives Matter movement has got you thinking about race, even with all of the resources available it can be difficult to know where to start. Films and TV is a great place to start as they make it easier to digest information and often provide a much better understanding when you can see the experiences in action. 

Here are some of the best films and shows that you NEED to watch.

  • Harriet - a 2019 film detailing the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman. She escaped from slavery and ended her life as one of America's greatest heros, helping hundreds of slaves escape and changing the course of history. She was selfless, strong and determined, defying odds as she became an icon of freedom. I saw this last year with my mum and younger sister and we all loved it! I couldn't believe than i'd never heard of Harriet before when she was such an important figure within black history.

  • Roots - my mum first showed me this when I was young and it has stuck with my ever since. The series is a dramatisation of author Alex Haley's family tree. The story follows his ancestors' capture, enslavement and life in America. It is not for the faint hearted. You learn about the true physical and mental pain of the slave trade as black families and individuals lost their identity and became slaves. 

  • Nappily Ever After - based on by Trisha R. Thomas, this short Netflix film is a romantic comedy based on the idea of having "good hair". After a lifetime of straightening her afro hair, a soulful barber and his daughter help a woman transform her life and realise she is not living life to the fullest because of her hair. Her journey is powerful and freeing as she embarks on a natural hair journey that helps her in more than one way. This is probably the most relatable of the three as hair is a topic that is still challenging within the black community and wider society.

  • The Rachel Divide - you've probably all heard to story of Rachel Crow - a white woman who claims she is black. After being outed on national television, Rachel's story took the world by storm as she challenged the idea that 'blackness' doesn't have to be biological. This documentary is very very interesting. Rachel has done a lot of positive things for the black community, however, her choice to try and claim a black ancestry that she was not born with is a decision that had effective her life forever.

If you get through all of those, check out this list of race and racism-based shows that Netflix has to offer. You can also ready my personal curl story post to learn about my experiences.



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