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About Me

Hi, I'm Liv, a 22 year old curly girl from South West England. 'LivLoves' is about exactly that - everything I love and anything that comes to mind. I'm just a normal girl, trying to put her stamp on the world from the comfort of her dressing gown.

This blog is an extension of my Instagram page which I started in 2017, it's basically related to all things natural hair so give it a follow for quick tips, or just to be nosey! I'm using this space as a way of creating more in depth posts about my curly hair journey, and the amazing natural hair community which for a long time never knew existed.

Apart from this, fashion is also one of my passions - sorry for the cliche but it's true. Spending the day shopping, browsing Pinterest and forever adding things to my online basket is my idea of heaven. So be prepared to delve into my wardrobe as I showcase my favourite outfits or those items i'm lusting after.

I hope you enjoy this blog, just as much as I enjoy writing it.


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